Monday, 22 September 2014

Varada Fertility- Surrogate House, Surrogate Mother & Egg Donors;

VF is young company with small team of talented people who are committed to provide quality of service to our IP's(Intended Parents). We provide Oocyte(Egg) Donors, Angel(Surrogate) Mothers & Angel House(Surrogate House) where in we take care of your Angel Mom for full 9 months.
Note: VF renamed Surrogate Mother to Angel Mother since your Surrogate is no less than Angel.
Some time back our relative was getting Infertility treatment in one of the reputed clinic in the city, she was advised to go for Oocyte donor, IVF etc...After all this the result was as you guessed it right!!!! It was all unsuccessful...She was not aware of who's the donor,how does she look,how many oocytes(eggs) retrieved and many more questions left unanswered...
We researched about this Industry and got to know many more unpleasant experiences by different people across the country..This was the good experience & the stepping stone to form VF-one of its kind in South India.
Here we are aiming to provide Honest services & complete Transparency from the step one to last. We strongly believe complete information should be communicated to customer whether he or she ask for it or not..Apart from monetary aspects, we try to create Win-Win situation in every assignment we undertake by trying to give best results to our IP's-by helping to improve standard of life of our Donor & Angel Mothers Lives and of course helping ours as well..
Hope your search ends here & we will be able to fulfill your expectations...

Our Services;
  • Egg/ Oocyte Donor
  • Angel(Surrogate) Mothers
  • Angel(Surrogate) House
  • IVF Assistance

Hospitals Varada Fertility Caters to: 

  • Millan Kumarkrupa Road- ( Dr Kamini Rao, Dr Anu, Dr. Deepika, Dr. Phani Madhuri) 
  • Millan -Indiranagar- Parenthood.(Dr. Mekla) 
  • Gift Fertility (Dr. Mani)
  • Manipal Ankur
  • Nova 
  • Gunasheela
  • Fortis

Varada Fertility is registered ART Bank with ICMR and strictly follows ICMR Guidelines.

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